“The music of Iliria Nueva invades the cells, inviting listeners to another time and place. Full of the tenderness of new love, and heavy with the heartbreak of life’s impermanence, we laugh and cry. And, we dance, in whatever way the heart desires, celebrating the full range of human existence. I love this music.“

Regina Sara Ryan,author, (Arizona / USA)

I was very deeply touched, moved and inspired by Iliria Nueva, Traditional Balkan music. Their music is greatly needed in these troubled times and is a balm to the soul.

Ken Celebucki, Arizona

I heard Iliria Nueva playing in Prescott Arizona. It was just beautiful. Not only the music and the singing captured me. It was also how they communicated with the audience. Aranka translated the lyrics of the Balkan songs with such innocence and authenticity and the whole band transported the humor and the heartbreak of the culture and music directly into my soul….


I had the immense pleasure of catching a performance by Iliria Nueva in Prescott, Arizona recently. I was completely mesmerized, entranced, and inspired to dance and clap along by the end of their performance. The music is beautiful, haunting and deeply familiar, making me feel pulled back to those roots left behind generations ago. A joy of a performance!!

Denise Allen Incao, of the Denise Allen Band

„Iliria Nueva – a newcomer band as to music from the Balcan countries.
The quartett impresses with gripping rhythms, rich sound and at the same time chamber music abilities. A special highlight: the a-capella-sung “Dodole”!”

Reinhard Roth, Pianist

“Iliria Nueva – is pure joy of living!

Seal of quality: absolutely authentic, characterized by natural beauty and elegant passion.
Their music is an invitation for passionate dancing and experiencing the Balcan Countries – a concert certainly not to be missed!”


„The music from Iliria Nueva pierces directly into the heart, awakens longing for distant countries and home at the same time. Sometimes energetic, sometimes impish, sometimes calm, sometimes cheeky – it’s a colourful bunch of traditional songs from the Balcan countries. Sometimes one feels like starting up to one’s feet and dance, and then one could cry with a heart deeply touched. The ideal music for festivities with a diversity of cultures.”

Cornelia Hans,Teacher