The lead singer of Iliria Nueva, born in Croatia, part of the former Jugoslavia, picked up the flute and song at a very young age. She studied classical music, song and flute at the academy of music in Zagreb. In her hometown she started a brilliant career as a classical musician. A grant led the extraordinarily talented young woman to Freiburg, Germany, where she accomplished her studies, settled down, teaching and performing in various ensembles.In 2006 she was asked to create a Balkan world music performance at the famous annual music festival in Bourges, France, the respectable “Un été à Bourges.”

She gathered four fine musicians around her for this supposedly onetime event and called the ensemble “Iliria.” The evening became a resounding success and it was clear, that this was going to continue. The response of the audience demanded it! The press in France called her “Aranka, la douce,” rightfully so; the unique timbre of her mezzo-soprano captures the most delicate moods breathtakingly, as well as the more juicy and fervent musical expressions of her homelands. A special bonus, not to be underestimated, are her superb and soaring flute solos. In the meantime she tours with a different line-up under the name of “Iliria Nueva.”